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Pleaser Fitness Bikini Posing Competition Shoes

Womens Fitness, Bikini Competition Shoes & Posing Shoes, Fabulicious Pleaser Heels for posing competitions, low heels, single soles, low platform ankle straps, slip-ons and slide mules with clear heels for bikini posing competitions and body building competitive posing events, Pleaser Heels especially the Pleaser Fabulicious collection are renowned as being some of the best posing competition shoes around.

Fitness & body building competitors require specific types of posing shoes which as specified within the regulations of their particular body building club or association etc. Most posing shoes have a clear upper and heel with little or no platform, we have listed a number of styles here but for your exact requirements please check with your club or association to ensure your posing shoes meet the current competition regulations

We have included a section dedicated to the UKBFF competition rules compliant shoes, If you want to let us know the rules of your particular club or class we will happily add a category here, and list posing shoes that comply with your specific regulations, please contact us and let us know.

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  1. Fabulicious Belle 301 Posing Mules
    Fabulicious BELLE-301 - Clr-Tan/Clr
    As low as £44.60
  2. Fabulicious Belle 301 Clear Slide Mules
    Fabulicious BELLE-301 - Clr/Clr
    As low as £44.60
  3. Fabulicious Belle 301RS Clear Mules
    Fabulicious BELLE-301RS - Clr/Clr
    As low as £57.90
  4. Fabulicious Belle 308 Clear Ankle Strap Sandal
    Fabulicious BELLE-308 - Clr/Clr
    As low as £50.30
  5. Fabulicious BELLE-330RS - Clr/Clr
    Fabulicious BELLE-330RS - Clr/Clr
    As low as £70.25
  6. Fabulicious BELLE-350 - Clr-Slv/Clr
    Fabulicious BELLE-350 - Clr-Slv/Clr
    As low as £50.30
  7. Fabulicious Caress 401 Clear / Tan Posing Mule
    Fabulicious CARESS-401 - Clr-Tan/Clr
    As low as £44.60
  8. Pleaser Fabulicious Caress 401 Clear Slide Mules
    Fabulicious CARESS-401 - Clr/Clr
    As low as £44.60
  9. Pleaser Fabulicious Caress 408 Clear Posing Shoes
    Fabulicious CARESS-408 - Clr/Clr
    As low as £50.30
  10. Pleaser Fabulicious Caress 408MG Clear / Clear
    Fabulicious CARESS-408MG - Clr/Clr
    As low as £53.15
  11. Fabulicious Caress 412 Posing Sandals
    Fabulicious CARESS-412 - Clr/Clr
    As low as £48.40
  12. Pleaser Fabulicious Chic 01 Clear Slide Mules
    Fabulicious CHIC-01 - Clr/Clr
    As low as £48.40
  13. Fabulicious Chic 06 Clear Posing Sandals
    Fabulicious CHIC-06 - Clr/Clr
    As low as £53.15
  14. Pleaser Fabulicious CHIC-08 Clr/Clr
    Fabulicious CHIC-08 - Clr/Clr
    As low as £53.15
  15. Pleaser Fabulicious CLEARLY-401 Clr Lucite
    Fabulicious CLEARLY-401 - Clr Lucite
    As low as £48.40
  16. Fabulicious CLEARLY-401R - Clr Lucite
    Fabulicious CLEARLY-401R - Clr Lucite
    As low as £47.89
  17. Fabulicious Clearly 406 Clear Posing Sandals
    Fabulicious CLEARLY-406 - Clr Lucite
    As low as £51.25
  18. Fabulicious Clearly 408 Ankle Strap Sandal
    Fabulicious CLEARLY-408 - Clr Lucite
    As low as £53.15
  19. Pleaser Fabulicious Clearly 408MG
    Fabulicious CLEARLY-408MG - Clr Lucite
    As low as £54.10
  20. Pleaser Fabulicious CLEARLY-420 Clr Lucite
    Fabulicious CLEARLY-420 - Clr Lucite
    As low as £63.60
  21. Fabulicious Clearly 430 Closed Back Sandals
    Fabulicious CLEARLY-430 - Clr
    As low as £44.13
  22. Fabulicious CLEARLY-430RS - Clr Lucite
    Fabulicious CLEARLY-430RS - Clr Lucite
    As low as £74.05
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Items 1-24 of 82