High Heel Shoes for Men

There is a growing trend for Men to wear high heel shoes, and it is not just transgender women or cross dressers either, there are a growing number of men who wear high heels as part of everyday dress, this trend has more to the front as gender fluidity has come to the fore.

Pleaser Pink Label Extended Sizes

In 2017 Pleaser Shoes released Pleaser Pink Label, a special collection of Pleasers that come in larger sizes, specifically designed and manufactured to give the absolute best choice in footwear for transgender women, cross-dressers, drag queens, female impersonators, drag show artists, and pretty much anyone including men and women who are looking for high heel shoes in sizes upt and including a UK size 13 (US 16), when first launched the pink label collection from Pleaser contained around 240 designs, this has since grown and will probably continue to grow as popularity and demand grow too.

Men in High Heels

Lets face it men in high heels is really nothing new, men have been wearing high heels since the 10th century although it died out somewhere in the 1700's but saying that by the end of the 1700's women had pretty much stopped wearing them too, but they made a come back for women and now they are doing the same for men, more recently on catwalks around the world, and gradually the fashion is moving out into the real world again, and there have been some great examples on TV too, including the amazing Yanis Marshall, Arnaud and Mehdi the awesome dancers in their high heels spicing up the stage on Britains Got Talent. And lets face it these guys can rock a pair of heels way better than most girls.

Shoes for Transgender Women & Cross Dressers

Of course Pleasers Pink Label collection is also great from Transgender Women, Drag Queens, Cross-Dressers, and pretty much anyone else with larger feet than standard women's sizes normally allow, with this fabulous collection of sexy shoes available in UK sizes up to a 14 then it is now possible for pretty much anyone to slip into a pair of sexy high heels and get their catwalk swagger on.