Pleaser Moon 7" Heels

Pleaser Moon Cut Out Pole Dancing Shoes Mules, Sandals

Pleaser Shoes Moon 7 inch high heeled platform shoes, with their 7 inch high stiletto heel and signature 2 3/4 inch moon cut-out platforms, the Moon collection from Pleaser Shoes USA are a unique selection of some of the best exotic dancing and pole shoes you will find anywhere.

This fantastic collection brings you mules, two band slides, and ankle strap platform sandals, in a wide variety of colours, including a great selection of UV reactive platform shoes.

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  1. Pleaser MOON-709RSS Blk Pat/Blk
    Pleaser MOON-709RSS Blk Pat/Blk
    As low as £52.59
  2. Pleaser MOON-709FLM Blk/Blk-Ombre
    Pleaser MOON-709FLM Blk/Blk-Ombre
    As low as £49.77
  3. Pleaser MOON-709CAT Blk/Blk-Slv
    Pleaser MOON-709CAT Blk/Blk-Slv
    As low as £49.77
  4. Pleaser MOON-709CAT Blk/Blk-Pink
    Pleaser MOON-709CAT Blk/Blk-Pink
    As low as £54.47
  5. Pleaser MOON-708RSS Clr/Clr
    Pleaser MOON-708RSS Clr/Clr
    As low as £52.59
  6. Pleaser MOON-708RSS Clr-Blk/Clr
    Pleaser MOON-708RSS Clr-Blk/Clr
    As low as £52.59
  7. Pleaser MOON-708MER Clr/Clr
    Pleaser MOON-708MER Clr/Clr
    As low as £74.05
  8. Pleaser MOON-708MER Clr/Blue Ombre
    Pleaser MOON-708MER Clr/Blue Ombre
    As low as £77.85
  9. Pleaser MOON-708MER Clr/Blk
    Pleaser MOON-708MER Clr/Blk
    As low as £52.59
  10. Pleaser MOON-708HB Clr/Slv Hologram
    Pleaser MOON-708HB Clr/Slv Hologram
    As low as £61.05
  11. Pleaser MOON-708GFT Clr/Pink Tinted
    Pleaser MOON-708GFT Clr/Pink Tinted
    As low as £48.83
  12. Pleaser MOON-708GFT Clr/Gold Tinted
    Pleaser MOON-708GFT Clr/Gold Tinted
    As low as £48.83
  13. Pleaser MOON-708GFT Clr/Bronze Tinted
    Pleaser MOON-708GFT Clr/Bronze Tinted
    As low as £52.59
  14. Pleaser MOON-708GFT Clr/Blue Tinted
    Pleaser MOON-708GFT Clr/Blue Tinted
    As low as £48.83
  15. Pleaser MOON-708FLM Clr/Clr-Ombre
    Pleaser MOON-708FLM Clr/Clr-Ombre
    As low as £68.35
  16. Pleaser MOON-708FLM Clr/Blk-Ombre
    Pleaser MOON-708FLM Clr/Blk-Ombre
    As low as £67.40
  17. Pleaser MOON-708CAT Clr/Clr-Pink
    Pleaser MOON-708CAT Clr/Clr-Pink
    As low as £68.35
  18. Pleaser MOON-709HRS Blk Pat/Blk-Red
    Pleaser MOON-709HRS Blk Pat/Blk-Red
    As low as £60.11
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Items 1-24 of 74