Pleaser Radiant 7" Heels

New for 2018, Pleasers all new Radiant collection feature a 7 inch high stiletto heel and a 3 1/4 inch platform, with the platform being a full 1/2 inch taller than Pleasers Adore collection these sexy shoes will give you amazing poise and lift whilst being even more comfortable to wear.

This all new collection further extends the amazing range of Pleaser Exotic Dance shoes, with some classic designs and a few all new concepts, don't miss out on this awesome new collection from Pleaser USA.

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  1. Pleaser RADIANT-708SDT Clr/Blk
    Pleaser RADIANT-708SDT Clr/Blk
    As low as £72.33
  2. Pleaser RADIANT-709 Blk Pat/Blk
    Pleaser RADIANT-709 Blk Pat/Blk
    As low as £62.65
  3. Pleaser RADIANT-708 Clr/Clr
    Pleaser RADIANT-708 Clr/Clr
    As low as £62.65
  4. Pleaser RADIANT-701 Clr/Slv Chrome
    Pleaser RADIANT-701 Clr/Slv Chrome
    As low as £49.77
  5. Pleaser RADIANT-709LN Blk Pat/Blk
    Pleaser RADIANT-709LN Blk Pat/Blk
    As low as £50.71
  6. Pleaser RADIANT-701 Clr/Blk
    Pleaser RADIANT-701 Clr/Blk
    As low as £49.77
  7. Pleaser RADIANT-709CHH Blk Pat/Blk-Slv
    Pleaser RADIANT-709CHH Blk Pat/Blk-Slv
    As low as £51.65
  8. Pleaser RADIANT-708NSB Clr/Neon Ice Blue
    Pleaser RADIANT-708NSB Clr/Neon Ice Blue
    As low as £56.35
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21 Items