UKBFF Posing Shoes

UKBFF Posing Shoes, Clear Posing Fitness Competition Heels

Posing Shoes for the UKBFF Posing and Fitness Competition Classes. The UKBFF sets standards for Posing Shoes in both the Bikini and the Body Fitness Categories and the requirements are slightly different we have separated out our Pleaser posing shoes collections to try and make it easy for you to see what is and is not compliant with the UKBFF rules for each category, pleaser note that for the Women's Physique category there is no footwear required and in the fitness category Sport footwear may be worn, at the discretion of the competitor.

Pleaser check the latest UKBFF rules prior to purchasing and if you do find a discrepancy then please let us know so that we can update this section of our website accordingly, the current rules can be found on the on the UKBFF Rules and Forms page on the UKBFF website.

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  1. Pleaser Gala 01S Clear Slide Mule Fitness Posing Shoes
    Fabulicious GALA-01S - Clr/Clr
    As low as £46.50
  2. Fabulicious BELLE-350 - Clr-Slv/Clr
    Fabulicious BELLE-350 - Clr-Slv/Clr
    As low as £50.30
  3. Fabulicious BELLE-330RS - Clr/Clr
    Fabulicious BELLE-330RS - Clr/Clr
    As low as £70.25
  4. Fabulicious Romance 301 Clear Mules
    Fabulicious ROMANCE-301 - Clr Lucite
    As low as £41.75
  5. Fabulicious GALA-08SD - Clr/Clr
    Fabulicious GALA-08SD - Clr/Clr
    As low as £63.60
  6. Gala 08MG Ankle Strap Sandal
    Fabulicious GALA-08MG - Clr/Clr
    As low as £54.10
  7. Fabulicious Gala 08DM Rhinestone Heel Sandals
    Fabulicious GALA-08DM - Clr/Slv Multi RS
    As low as £87.35
  8. Fabulicious Gala 08 Clear Lucite
    Fabulicious GALA-08 - Clr Lucite
    As low as £51.25
  9. Fabulicious Gala 07 Clear Posing  Sandal
    Fabulicious GALA-07 - Clr/Clr
    As low as £46.95
  10. Fabulicious Gala 06 Clear Posing Sandals
    Fabulicious GALA-06 - Clear/Clear
    As low as £51.25
  11. Fabulicious Gala 01SD Mules
    Fabulicious GALA-01SD - Clr/Clr
    As low as £63.60
  12. Pleaser Fabulicious GALA-01 Clr-Gold/Clr
    Pleaser Fabulicious GALA-01 Clr-Gold/Clr
    As low as £38.95
  13. Fabulicious GALA-01 - Clr-Blk/Blk Matte
    Fabulicious GALA-01 - Clr-Blk/Blk Matte
    As low as £46.50
  14. Pleaser Fabulicious Gala 01 Clear Lucite Slide Mules
    Fabulicious GALA-01 - Clr Lucite
    As low as £46.50
  15. Fabulicious CLEARLY-430RS - Clr Lucite
    Fabulicious CLEARLY-430RS - Clr Lucite
    As low as £74.05
  16. Fabulicious Clearly 430 Closed Back Sandals
    Fabulicious CLEARLY-430 - Clr
    As low as £44.13
  17. Pleaser Fabulicious CLEARLY-420 Clr Lucite
    Fabulicious CLEARLY-420 - Clr Lucite
    As low as £63.60
  18. Pleaser Fabulicious Clearly 408MG
    Fabulicious CLEARLY-408MG - Clr Lucite
    As low as £54.10
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Items 1-24 of 41