Pleaser Pole Dancing Shoes UK High Heeled Platform Sandals

Pleasers range of Exotic Dance Platforms brings you a range of High Heel Platform Shoes for all occasions from dress shoes to exotic dance and pole dancing shoes this amazing range of sexy shoes includes slim and stiletto heels from 6 inches to 10 inches.

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  1. Pleaser ADORE-708T - Clr/Red Frosted
    Pleaser ADORE-708T - Clr/Red Frosted
    As low as £60.75
  2. Pleaser ADORE-701 - Clr-Blk/Clr
    Pleaser ADORE-701 - Clr-Blk/Clr
    As low as £54.10
  3. Pleaser ADORE-708CF - Clr/Pink Confetti
    Pleaser ADORE-708CF - Clr/Pink Confetti
    As low as £74.05
  4. Pleaser ADORE-708T - Clr/Smoke Tinted
    Pleaser ADORE-708T - Clr/Smoke Tinted
    As low as £60.75
  5. Pleaser ADORE-789 - Red-Blk Pat/Blk-Red
    Pleaser ADORE-789 - Red-Blk Pat/Blk-Red
    As low as £68.35
  6. Pleaser ILLUMINATOR-808 - Clr/White Glow
    Pleaser ILLUMINATOR-808 - Clr/White Glow
    As low as £95.90
  7. Pleaser ILLUMINATOR-708 - Clr/White Glow
    Pleaser ILLUMINATOR-708 - Clr/White Glow
    As low as £84.50
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Items 1-24 of 1228