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FM Heels was started back in 2013 selling Pleaser Shoes from our little shop in Hinckley, and that little shop quickly grew into a much larger shop, then a shop with a warehouse, and of course over time our website also expanded to include the full range of Pleaser Pole Shoes, Demonia’s, Pleaser Pin-Ups and of courser, Pleaser Pink Label heels. And then of course we also started bringing out our own branded shoes as-well.

Anna in the FM Heels Pole Shop
The Old FM Heels Shop and Warehouse in Barwell, Leicestershire
The FM Heels Van out and about in lockdown

So what happened, well, in 2016 a vote happened which brought about Brexit, which in turn significantly increased out operating costs and then of course we had a pandemic in 2020 and that total devastated the business, and whilst we managed to keep going for a while, without the turnover our little operation was no longer viable and in the end we had to close the doors.

To this day Patrick has yet to fully recover from Covid, both physically and mentally, and Anna, well she is now terrorising the staff in an Amazon warehouse. but needless to say we still love to see and speak to all out old friends, and of course, our knowledge is still valuable, hence this website.

What we intend to do is give you as much advice about Pleaser Shoes and Pole Shoes in general, from where and how to buy them, and where to buy your Pleaser Shoes, to what your rights are online (yes some less scrupulous sellers are seriously pushing their luck online).

Anyway, enough waffle, let’s get. on with the blog.

Patrick & Anna.

P.S. You will find a lot of links on this site, to eBay and Amazon etc as-well as other sites, I shall tell you right now, yes we do get paid from those links, some of them are companies that have chosen to advertise with us, and others like Amazon and eBay are affiliate sites. But please use the links and help us pay to keep this site hosted.

Pleaser Pole Fitness Over Knee Boots